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Caesars Online Sportsbook Review Pennsylvania

Caesars Online Sportsbook is one of the biggest online betting platforms in the United States, giving over 16 States access to legal online sports betting and casino games, including Pennsylvania.

Caesars’ online sportsbook PA is a branch of Caesars online sportsbook that operates online and on-location in many different places throughout North America. 

You’ve heard the name Caesars from the famous Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. Because the name is famous, users feel safe depositing money at the Caesars Pennsylvania online casino since it is a legit casino and is regulated by the Gaming & Control Board, and has a long-standing reputation. 

Caesars online casino, Pennsylvania, is from the Caesars Entertainment franchise and gives users hotel perks alongside competitive betting odds. The easy-to-use app and web platform make betting a breeze with features that display statistics the way you prefer and add funds with nearly any payment method.

Are you interested in winning big by betting with PA online casino apps? This in-depth review will explain why Caesars Online Sportsbook in Pennsylvania is the best PA online casino and is worthy of your attention. 

Caesars Online Sportsbook Review Pennsylvania

Caesars online sportsbook will wow you from the moment you access the platform and sign up for the site. This unique betting platform has a long list of pros and a short list of cons, and we’ll go into detail about each one in this Caesars online sportsbook review. 

Before diving into why Caesars Online Sportsbook is one of the best PA sports betting apps, quickly scan the pros and cons below. 


  • Has a huge variety of payment methods 
  • Reputable name with over 80 years of experience 
  • Mobile, web, and on-site playing options 
  • Easy-to-navigate website and phone app 
  • Loyalty and rewards programs
  • Casino games and sports event betting in one place
  • Live event betting is available 
  • Low ($10) minimum deposit requirement 
  • Low ($20) minimum withdrawal requirement
  • Fantastic customer service 


  • Caesars’ website has fewer features than DraftKings Sportsbook
  • No deposit bonus

Continue reading for more details about signing up, promo codes, getting verified, payment methods, loyalty programs, and more. Plus, we’ll share our in-depth review that rates each of the different features of this famous online casino. 

Perks of Signing Up 

You earn more than just the ability to place a bet when signing up for Caesars online casino, PA. In fact, the Caesars franchise is known for its loyalty programs and incentives to customers. 

Every new sign-up has a fail-safe where Caesars will reimburse the bet amount if you lose on the first try. Depending on your location, the maximum bet amount may differ. Plus, nearly all purchases accrue redeemable points for betting or vacationing. Read more about the perks of signing up with Caesars Online Sportsbook below. 

Caesars Sportsbook Sign-Up Bonus

New sign-ups on this online casino in Pennsylvania can expect some awesome perks with Caesars online sportsbook. Below are the sign-up perks for the Caesars Sportsbook app in Pennsylvania. 

Caesars online sportsbook in Pennsylvania will credit your account with a full reimbursement of your initial bet if you lose your very first bet after signing up (up to $1,250). This credit to your account gives users a second shot at a big win. 

The sign-up bonus also includes 1,000 Caesars Reward Credits® and 1,000 Tier Credits after completing your first bet. We’ll go more in-depth about Caesars’ loyalty programs below. 

Besides the sign-up bonus, the online Caesars sportsbook typically offers enhanced odds for recent sign-ups. Caesars online sportsbook already has some impressively competitive odds, so enhanced odds further increase the likelihood of getting a bigger return on an outcome. 

Remember that the sign-up bonus may change depending on your location. For example, new sign-ups from Ontario will get reimbursed up to $500 if they lose their first bet, as opposed to Pennsylvania’s $1,250 maximum. 

Promo Codes

Since Caesars’ online sportsbook operates in many States and provinces, each has a promo code associated with the location. Claim the sign-up bonus by entering your location’s promo code when making your first bet. To claim the sign-up bonus in Pennsylvania, use the promo code CZRFULL.

The YouTube vlogger Gambling Guy offers two promo codes for additional Caesars casino bonuses, depending on your location: 

  • Sports Betting Bonus Code: YTPATCZR
  • Casino Bonus Code: YTCAS

For those who are members of the Swagbucks cashback program, eligible purchases at Caesars PA online casino earn Swagbucks members a one percent cash bonus to their Swagbucks accounts.

Caesars Sportsbook Loyalty Programs 

Caesars rewards its loyal customers with perks at the brand’s luxury hotel properties. Caesars has two notable loyalty programs that’ll make you want to get started earning points right away. 

Caesars Reward Credits® are redeemable for experiences, like entertainment or room upgrades, at any Caesars property. Alternatively, these credits are redeemable for bonus cash on some Caesars casino and sports games. 

Tier Credits are accrued with purchases made at a Caesars franchise. Depending on your tier, users receive perks, discounts, and more. The Caesars’ tiers are as follows: 

  • Platinum: Earned with 5,000 Tier Credits
  • Diamond: Earned with 15,000 Tier Credits
  • Diamond Plus: Earned with 25,000 Tier Credits
  • Diamond Elite: Earned with 75,000 Tier Credits

Are you ready to start accruing Caesars’ credits? Continue reading to learn how to sign up and begin earning points immediately. 

How to Sign Up for Caesars Online Sportsbook

Signing up for Caesars Sportsbook is accessible in person and online. Those betting in person will want to head to 777 Harrah’s Blvd, in Chester, PA, for full-service sports betting at the brick-and-mortar kiosk. 

Alternatively, download the Caesars sportsbook app and bet on your favorite games from the comfort of your phone. 

Caesars Sportsbook also has an easy-to-navigate website where users can place bets from the desktop platform if they prefer. 

Below we’ll cover step-by-step instructions on how to sign up for Caesars’ casino PA online. 

Caesars Sportsbook Pennsylvania App

The Caesars Sportsbook app is an excellent platform that makes betting on your favorite sports events a breeze for Android or iOS users. Get started on the Caesars Online Sportsbook app by following the steps below. 

  • Step One: Download the Caesars Sportsbook iOS app or Android app
  • Step Two: Complete the easy verification process
  • Step Three: Add money to your account via your preferred method
  • Step Four: Place your first bet

Now, you’re ready to play your favorite casino games, like PA online poker or college sports bets, at the touch of a button. 

Caesars Sportsbook Pennsylvania Web Platform 

The web platform for Caesars Sportsbook has a clean design with easy-to-navigate features. Get started on the Caesars Online Sportsbook web platform by following the steps below. 

  • Step One: Visit the Caesars Sportsbook Pennsylvania official website and select Get Started
  • Step Two: Complete the easy verification process
  • Step Three: Add money to your account with your preferred payment method
  • Step Four: Place your first bet

If you’ve already signed up and completed the verification process on the app, you won’t need to repeat these steps on the web platform (and vice versa). 

Caesars Sportsbook Verification Process 

Any legitimate betting platform requires users to verify their identity to make an account. Why? Because according to the IRS, earnings from gambling are taxable and must be reported in your income Statements. 

To verify an account with Caesars Sportsbook in Pennsylvania, users must provide a valid email address and their Social Insurance Number. Some States may require new sign-ups to provide a photo of their ID. All users must be over the age of 21 to legally bet in the United States. 

After entering your email address, you’ll get prompted to fill in details to confirm your age and location. 

Payment Methods

Caesars Sportsbook accepts a wide variety of payment methods to make adding funds to your account simple. There is a minimum $10 deposit for each payment method. Choose from options like the following: 

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Discover
  • Electronic transfer 
  • VIP Preferred eCheck 
  • Paypal 
  • Skrill 
  • PayNearMe cash deposits 
  • Caesars Sportsbook Prepaid Play+ Card

Below, we’ll cover some of the best and worst ways to add and withdraw money from your Caesars Sportsbook account. 

Credit and Debit Cards 

A credit or debit card is one of the best and fastest ways to add money to your Caesars Online Sportsbook account. Caesars in Pennsylvania accepts MasterCard, Visa, and Discover cards.

To add money with a credit or debit card, go to your account page and select Add Funds. Select which card you prefer and enter the details and amount. Adding funds from a credit or debit card will immediately deposit money into your account so you can start placing bets right away. 

Unfortunately, it is not possible to withdraw winnings directly to your credit card.  

E-Checks & Electronic Transfers 

Online banking options like e-checks and electronic transfers are safe and effortless ways to add and withdraw funds from a Caesars Sportsbook account in Pennsylvania. 

Users can add funds with an ACH echeck via PayWithMyBank by entering the account and bank routing number. After entering the account details, simply confirm the billing information and select the deposit amount. 

Online banking is another easy way to transfer funds to your Caesars Sportsbook account. To deposit and withdraw funds, create an account with Trustly. 

Remember that, unlike credit cards, electronic transfers can take several hours to a few business days for the money to show up in your account. 


E-wallets, like Paypal and Skrill, allow users to transfer money to their Caesars Sportsbook account quickly without entering confidential bank details. Plus, once the money is withdrawn, users can move it to a bank account, credit card, or any account they choose. 

To add and withdraw money via e-wallet, simply go to your profile page and follow the prompts. 

Withdrawing to an e-wallet is one of the best ways to claim your winnings. However, remember that transfers from an e-wallet can take several hours to several business days to appear in your account.

Caesars Prepaid Play+ Card

The Caesars Prepaid Play+ Card is the perfect payment option for those who don’t want to attach their Sportsbook account to their credit card directly. This rechargeable card lets you load funds via your preferred payment method. Once the card is loaded and added to the system, you can transfer the funds to your Caesars Sportsbook account. 

The Caesars Sportsbook Prepaid Play+ Card acts similarly to a Discover credit card and allows users to withdraw their winnings from an ATM or anywhere that Discover cards are accepted. 

Cash Deposits

Caesars Sportsbook in Pennsylvania has options for those who prefer to pay with cold, hard cash. All Caesars Sportsbook Retail Locations will add funds to your account once you provide them with your username and Sportsbook account details. 

PayNearMe is an app that collaborates with local businesses, like the nearest 7-Eleven, and allows users to deposit cash into the app. From there, users can link their PayNearMe account to Caesars Sportsbook and upload the funds to their account. 

Ways To Play at Caesars Online Sportsbook

There are hundreds of ways to play at the Caesars online PA casino. Choose from sportsbook or casino betting options. The sportsbook section includes sporting events like the following: 

  • Football 
  • Basketball 
  • Baseball 
  • Soccer
  • Rugby 
  • Cricket
  • Horse Races 
  • Car Races 
  • Boxing & MMA 
  • Hockey 
  • Golf 
  • Tennis

Each sport allows users to place bets on scheduled and live events. The easy-to-navigate platform provides information about the odds and payout for each option. Seeing the odds next to each event is a great way for beginner players to feel the thrill of the win and learn more about sports betting and statistics. 

If you want a break from sports betting, choose from hundreds of online casino games like the following: 

  • Penny Slots 
  • Table games 
  • Classic Slots 
  • Live dealer games 

With penny slots, classic slots, and table games, users can choose the minimum bet or game of preference. This online casino in PA even has live dealers for an interactive online betting experience. 

Choose from online poker games, blackjack, roulette, slots, and more. 

Live Betting 

The PA Caesars Online Casino allows users to bet on sports games mid-game, so even if you didn’t schedule your bets, you could still take part in the action. 

During a live event, the Caesars Online Casino app and website provide users with statistics, game commentary, and updated odds for each sporting event. This useful information is ideal for keeping up-to-date on the odds and offers some insight into where to place your bets. 

Customer Support Options

Caesars Online Sportsbook has three options for friendly customer support at any point in your journey on the app or website. Check out the Caesars Online Sportsbook support page for fast answers to commonly asked questions. Or, choose from phone, email, and live chat support. 


If you want to speak to a human and get help instantly, call Caesars Online Sportsbook support at 855-474-0606. The friendly staff is available to take your call 7 days a week. 


Just like phone support is available every day of the week, the Caesars Sportsbook email support team is also responsive, even on the weekends.

Get in touch with the support team by emailing

24/7 Live Chat 

If the above options aren’t your cup of tea, submit a form on the Caesars Online Sportsbook website for live chat support available 24/7 to all users. 

History of Caesars Online Sportsbook in Pennsylvania

Caesars has a long history earning it a reputation as a legitimate and recognizable casino franchise that people trust. The hotel and casino chain opened in Nevada in 1937 and now has more than 50 locations worldwide. 

Pennsylvania has a rocky history of gambling. It took several legislations and acts before gambling became fully legalized in the State. In 2004, Act 71 legalized racetracks and casinos in PA. 

In October 2017, Act 42 fully legalized online gambling alongside in-person gambling throughout the State of PA, making sites like Caesars Sportsbook successful in this State. 

In April 2021, Caesars acquired William Hill Sportsbook, giving the company an even larger grasp on the online gaming scene and making this online casino one of the largest in the United States. Despite some mild negative press surrounding the acquisitions, Caesars repeatedly shows its market strength with its continual growth. 

Caesars Online Sportsbook Review Pennsylvania

After looking at all the facts, it’s clear that Caesars Online Sportsbook is an excellent source of fun with an easy-to-use web platform and app. 

Caesars is a trusted name with over 80 years of experience. This legitimate and legal online casino boasts hundreds of games, live sports betting, college sports betting, and more. 

Below we’ve rated different aspects of this PA online casino on a scale of five, so you can determine if Caesars Sportsbook in Pennsylvania is right for you. 


Rating: 5 out of 5

There are countless useful features included on the Caesars sportsbook app and website. The most noticeable features are the countless ways to add and withdraw funds. Users have full flexibility to choose a payment method that best suits their play style. 

One of the other remarkable features of this site is the ability to select how odds are displayed. Choose from decimal, fractional, and American based on your preference. 

Users will love the live-betting features with commentaries, up-to-date odds, and stats about the players or game. 

Every sports event, from college to professional league, includes a box displaying the odds. Plus, Caesars offers competitive odds compared to other betting platforms. 

Users will notice the Promotions tab featuring a list of ways to earn higher winnings on specific sporting events and outcomes. This feature is opt-in only, so users can sign up for the promotions that best suit their play style. 


Rating: 4 out of 5 

There are a lot of perks to signing up with Caesars Online Sportsbook and Casino in Pennsylvania. Firstly, if you lose your first bet, your account will get credited the bet amount and get you a second kick at the can. 

Secondly, each purchase made with Caesars Entertainment wracks up reward points that are redeemable at Caesars hotels and resorts. Alternatively, you can use the reward points for bonus cash on the betting app. 

The reason we deducted a point in the perks section is that the sign-up bonus doesn’t give users any free credits to their account (unless you lose your initial bet). 

Ease of Sign-Up 

Rating: 5 out of 5

Caesars Online Sportsbook PA has an incredibly easy sign-up process that undergoes all the proper verification steps for a legal online betting experience. 

The sign-up process takes moments and allows users to begin placing bets nearly instantaneously, especially when funds are added via credit card. 

Users over the age of 21 in Pennsylvania can sign up for this online casino in PA with their SSN and a valid email address. PA does not require users to submit a picture ID card. 

Even those who don’t complete the sign-up process can access the web platform to browse this betting app before providing their SSN. 

Experience Using the Platform 

Rating: 5 out of 5

The Caesars online sportsbook app and website are remarkable in terms of ease of navigation and overall look. If you don’t believe it, you can view the platform without signing up for an account. 

Some users report the app being more user-friendly than the desktop version. However, both the desktop and mobile apps have crisp lines, engaging images, easy-to-see statistics, and intuitive positioning of tabs. 

The platforms allow users to see the minimum bet and payout information without having to click into the games, saving them time searching for the right casino game. 

Ease of Withdrawing Money 

Rating: 4 out of 5 

Withdrawing money is the ultimate goal of any sportsbook app or platform, so the easier it is to withdraw earnings, the higher the customer satisfaction score. We gave Caesars online sportsbook in Pennsylvania a four out of five because, while there are many payment methods, not all of them allow withdrawal. 

However, withdrawal methods to e-wallets, like Paypal and Skrill, typically deposit money into your account within a few hours rather than days. Bear in mind that the first withdrawal may take more time than subsequent ones. 

We appreciate that users can withdraw money once they’ve earned a minimum of $10 from sports or casino bets. Hopefully, you’ll get a chance to reach the maximum withdrawal amount of $10,000 at one given time. 

Ways To Play 

Rating: 5 out of 5

From the moment you download the app or visit the Caesars online casino website, you’ll see hundreds of exciting options to bet on. This isn’t the norm with sportsbook sites that focus specifically on online sports betting. Instead, Caesars has a fully-equipped online casino and an impressive sportsbook section. 

Caesars casino online PA features odds and statistics for scheduled sporting events, live events, and casino games. Users have access to game commentaries and useful numbers, and users can even join live chats with bets made in advance. 

This online casino in Pennsylvania features big sporting events like NBA basketball, NFL football, UFC fighting, and MLB baseball. Plus, users can enjoy betting on other games like rugby, cricket, tennis, car racing, boxing, golf, and more. 

There’s little left to be desired with this amazing betting app. Players can enjoy online slot machines, classic card games, and live dealer betting events. You’ll be hard-pressed to find an online gambling site in PA with more ways to play than Caesars Sportsbook.

Customer Support

Rating: 5 out of 5

When things go awry, how a company reacts says a lot about the quality of its service, and Caesars online sportsbooks support a team of superstars. 

Speak with a representative over the phone, via email, or through the 24/7 live chat feature. The support team is ready to jump through hoops to help resolve any issues you may have, earning them a five out of five for customer support. 

Regardless of which support option you pursue, the Caesars online sportsbook team is quick to respond any day of the week. 

Safe Gambling

Rating: 5 out of 5

Caesars’ online sportsbook PA is licensed and regulated by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board. Following the protocols and mandatory verification process, this gambling site offers users the peace of mind that their uploaded cash will appear on the platform and that winnings will show up in their accounts. 

Every page on the Caesars online sportsbook website features warnings and helplines for those with a gambling addiction. 

If you’re looking for the safest spot to place sports bets or play online casino games, Caesars online sportsbook in Pennsylvania is a trustworthy online casino. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions, check out the FAQs below for more information about Caesars Online Sportsbook in Pennsylvania.

Yes. After reviewing the facts, Caesars Online Sportsbook in Pennsylvania is an excellent option for online gambling and worth signing up for.

The platform features live betting, sports betting, and casino games on an easy-to-use platform or app. Backed by fantastic customer service and countless ways to add and withdraw funds, Caesars Online Sportsbook is one of the best online sportsbooks in America.

Yes. As of 2017, Pennsylvania sports betting and PA online casino apps became legal. However, the website must be licensed and comply with online casino and sportsbook regulations. For example, Caesars Online Sportsbook is licensed and regulated by the Gaming Control Board in Pennsylvania.

DraftKings Sportsbook is the largest online betting platform with features to place sports bets and play online casino games. However, Caesars Online Sportsbook is the second largest and continues to grow.

Yes. Caesars Online Sportsbook in Pennsylvania allows users to enjoy the thrill of betting on Pennsylvania college sporting events, professional sports games, and casino games.

Yes. You must register your account with a SSN number to sign up for and withdraw money from Caesars Sportsbook in Pennsylvania. This process isn’t meant to deter users but to ensure that every sign-up is who they say they are and has a record of their taxable earnings from betting online.

Yes. To withdraw your winnings from Caesars online casino in PA, users must have at least $10 in their winnings account. The maximum amount that users can withdraw at one time is $10,000.

Final Thoughts 

If you’re looking for one of the most highly-rated sports betting apps and online casinos, try Caesars casino, Pennsylvania. After looking at all the facts, this incredible gambling platform has noteworthy features, lots of ways to pay, countless games to choose from, and an effortless sign-up process. 

What you’ll love about this online casino and sports betting app is that it works in more than just one State. Unlike other gambling sites that are only legal in that State, Caesars operates nationwide and is legal in over 16 different States. 

What’s more? Every new sign-up gets a matched bonus bet if they lose the first one, doubling their attempts at a big win. 

Whether you’re a beginner gambler or experienced, Caesars online sportsbook Pennsylvania is the best choice for online sports betting and virtual casino games. 

As long as you are over the age of 21 and provide a SSN and valid email address, this site or app has everything you need for a thrilling good time! 

Check out Caesars Online and get ready to hit it big.

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  • Risk-Free $25 Deposits on Thursdays
  • Slots, Poker, Blackjack, and Roulette available
  • Mobile-friendly and easy to use app