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Not long ago, online sports betting fell under the classification of a hush-hush endeavor that individuals couldn’t perform in different arenas. However, in recent years a switch has been made to allow these activities to be conducted legally online.

With this switch, there have been several online sportsbooks to open up, especially in Pennsylvania. When it comes to Pennsylvania sports betting, many find that BetRivers is one of the best sportsbooks available. What’s more, there’s even a BetRivers bonus code that you can take advantage of during signup. 

What makes BetRivers online sportsbook such a great option? Continue reading to learn the specifics of this sports betting app and website.

What Is BetRivers Online Sportsbook?

After opening online in 2019, the Pennsylvania extension of the BetRivers online sportsbook signaled the beginning of sports betting through an online website and mobile application. As something that was previously illegal until November 2018, this brought about a significant change and opened many doors for those within the state of Pennsylvania.

When you sign up for an account through BetRivers, you receive access to a platform that allows you to place bets on current and future sporting events taking place. You can participate in various betting styles as a member, and there are ample opportunities for taking part in bonus incentives.

In the years since becoming legal, online sports betting has taken off with rapid growth. There are now thousands of bets occurring at a time, and millions of participants engage with the various opportunities available in each sportsbook.

BetRivers Bonus Code

With the various PA sports betting options available online today, choosing the best option often boils down to which platform offers the best incentives for membership. 

This area is one in which BetRivers comes out on top with a significant bonus for new members. The BetRivers bonus code offers those who are new to sports betting an extra cushion for learning the platform.

During the signup process, you can enter the BetRivers bonus code of PLAYRIV to match your initial deposit. This code is good for up to $500. Therefore, you can enter the code while creating your profile, deposit up to $500 for your first round, and BetRivers will also deposit the exact same amount into your account.

It is important to note that these funds aren’t available for immediate use in your account. You should expect to see the money added within two to five days after your initial deposit. 

If you do not have your funds available after five business days, go to the BetRivers’ support page or reach out to a BetRivers customer service representative on the website or mobile app.

Additional BetRivers Pennsylvania Sports Betting Promotions

While the BetRivers bonus code above is available to new users and applies to your first deposit, other promotions take place on the platform that can help users come out ahead in their bets. These codes and events are only good for a certain period.

Here’s an overview of some of these promotions:

  1. By entering the code SPORTS, you get a second chance match (up to $500) if your first bet isn’t successful.
  2. During football season, participating in Same Game Parlay enters you to win a share of $500,000.
  3. For sportsbook bets involving the NBA, BetRivers offers a free chance if you place three or more Same Game Parlay.
  4. If you attend a Penguins or Flyers home game, you receive $10 in free money through a unique BetRivers bonus code that you can enter in the company’s sports betting app.

The promotions change often and frequently include opportunities that revolve around holidays or special events. You will often see unique options during the Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, World Cup, and even the Olympics. Monitoring the BetRivers PA Sportsbooks website is best to see what new opportunities arise. 

Many members of BetRivers will sign up for the sportsbook loyalty program, iRush Rewards. Not only does this keep you updated on the latest promotions, but you can also earn points that you can redeem for prizes of your choice. 

Creating a BetRivers Sports Betting App Account

As we touched on earlier, in order to use online sportsbooks, you must physically be in the state where the site resides.

The website and app designers will embed geo-location coding into the platform to be able to determine your physical location at the time. Most cell phones will transition without issue as you go through different states, and the website structure will trigger a new site in a minimal amount of time.

In addition to your location, you will need other identifying pieces of information to complete your profile successfully. 

BetRivers will need the following information from you if you want to create an account:

  • Full legal name
  • Date of birth
  • Physical and permanent address
  • Personal email address
  • Personal phone number (cell or home)
  • Social security number (full or partial)
  • Unique username
  • Secure password
  • BetRivers bonus code (necessary to receive the 100% match deposit)

The name you enter must match what is on your identification card.

While it is not a common occurrence, there are times when the company will need to verify your identity and age by having you send a photo of your driver’s license or passport. Typically the company can do this by providing the information above, but in the event of an issue, you may be required to provide the necessary ID.

How Do I Deposit Money?

When you are using the BetRivers Online Sportsbook, there are various ways you can deposit money into your account. While most of these avenues will happen online, there are two options available for in-person deposits.

Direct Deposit

With the direct deposit option, you can sync your bank account to your Sportsbook profile to add funds. You can seamlessly move available funds to your BetRivers profile by verifying your routing and account number.

Credit Card Cash Advance

By entering your credit card details, you can transfer funds from your charge card to your BetRivers account. This method is subject to your credit card issuer and your account’s specific terms and conditions.

PayNearMe (in-Person)

You can also use an in-person PayNearMe. There are kiosks available in some places (most commonly 7-11 convenience stores) that allow you to deposit up to a specific account. At the time of sign-up, you receive a barcode that you scan at the designated establishment, and you can then deposit funds for use on your sportsbook account.

BetRivers Prepaid Card

The Play+ card that BetRivers offers allows you to deposit funds directly onto the card, which you can then add to your sportsbook account. You can sign up for one of these cards on their website or in person at a BetRivers casino.

The BetRivers Cage

As another in-person option, you can visit the casino to deposit funds to an employee rather than navigate the hurdles that come with the website and various online methods. The primary location resides in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, and its hours will vary, so it is best to call ahead.


With the surplus of individuals that utilize PayPal daily, it seems reasonable that BetRivers allows its users to deposit money into their sportsbook accounts using the popular financial outlet. 

How Do I Withdraw Money?

While the process of withdrawing money from BetRivers sportsbook has its fair share of similarities to depositing, there are also some differences. There are fewer options, but they are all streamlined, and some allow you to have your earnings quicker than others.

Direct Deposit

If you desire, you can set up your account to allow the easy exchange of funds for withdrawal through your personal bank account as you would for deposits. Similar to depositing, you will need to verify your bank details to ensure that your money ends up in the correct account.

BetRivers Prepaid Card

With your Play+ card, you can send your earnings back to your card instead of using other methods. You can acquire these cards on the BetRivers website or in person at one of their casinos.

The BetRivers Cage

If you are in the Philadelphia or Pittsburgh area, you can easily visit a BetRivers casino and collect your earnings from one of the on-staff cashiers at the cage. These transactions are instant, and you’ll have your funds immediately.


If you aren’t comfortable with the other options, you can select to receive a paper check. This payment will be sent through the mail and will come with a longer delay than other methods.

Rules for Pennsylvania Sports Betting

As is the case with casino gambling, there are specific rules pertaining to sports betting. When you participate in PA sports betting or take part in other betting apps, you must have the following rules in mind:

  1. All individuals must be 21 years of age or older, which the BetRivers platform verifies on your behalf during the initial signup process.
  2. Whether you are using the app or the website, your IP address must be accessible so the company can verify your location.
  3. While you do not have to be a resident of Pennsylvania, you must be in the state when using the application or website.
  4. You must provide your permanent address – regardless of your residency status.

It’s important to note that the laws are specific to the state of Pennsylvania and do not encompass all BetRivers sportsbooks. 

If you are interested in learning more about the laws that pertain to PA sports betting, you can find them in detail on the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board website.

Who Can Bet?

While most individuals who are 21 or older can bet on the BetRivers PA sportsbook site, there are a few exceptions. Ultimately, if you are an individual who can potentially influence the outcome of a sports game or event, you can’t participate in PA sportsbooks.

​​Those exempt from participating in sportsbook betting include the following:

  • Sports athletes
  • All team and athlete managers
  • Any team coaches
  • All sports referees
  • Team staff
  • Personal athletic trainers

If you fall into this category but want the ability to participate, you can appeal the exemption by registering with the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board.

BetRivers PA Sports Betting App Features

When you successfully create your profile and enter your BetRivers bonus code, you are all set to participate in the various sportsbook opportunities on the mobile app. The mobile app’s layout differs from the regular BetRivers sportsbook website.

Here are some of the app’s best features.

Easy To Use

Regardless of its layout differing from the BetRivers website, the sports betting app is simple to use and navigate.


If you use an Android device for your cell phone, you can easily download the application from the BetRivers website, and it will be up and running in a few minutes.

Helpful Customer Service Representatives

Right from the app, you can reach out to a representative for help with any issue that comes up.

Simple Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

The app makes it easy to deposit funds from your bank account and withdraw earnings back as you wish.

Live Streaming

In addition to placing bets on the various games and tournaments taking place, you can also live stream the action through your mobile device.

Real-time Updates

As you peruse the app, you can get real-time updates via the newsfeed. You won’t have to wait to find out if your bet was successful or not because the ticker will let you know as soon as the score changes in a game!

BetRivers Mobile App Drawbacks

While there are many associated perks with the sports betting application, a few areas have room for improvement.

Apple Devices

While you can use the app with an Apple device, you also need to download an additional program to verify your location. If you do not add this application to your device, you will be unable to utilize the BetRivers sports betting app.

Amount of Information

There are many moving pieces with sports betting. On a website, it is easier to spread everything out, but an application has a more limited amount of space. Therefore, navigating through everything can get overwhelming, even with an easy-to-use layout.

Using the BetRivers PA Sports Betting App on an Apple Device

Because you must be able to validate your location to use an online sportsbook, a workaround is necessary when using an Apple device. While Android phones and tablets will transition their location more efficiently, the current infrastructure of Apple phones and tablets doesn’t allow this functionality. 

Thankfully, while we wait for future Apple software updates to include this detail, there is a workaround in place. In order to validate your location to access PA sports betting, you will need to download a secondary application called GeoGuard Location Validator by the company GeoComply.

Once you locate GeoGuard on the Apple app store, you have only a few steps to complete to be on your way to your betting activities.

Create Your Profile

Before downloading the GeoGuard Location Validator, you will need to create your profile for BetRivers Pennsylvania sports betting. Once you have that process finalized, you can continue to the secondary application to complete the next steps. At times the BetRivers app will direct you to the application.

Download the App

After locating the app store on your device, navigate to the appropriate application by searching for “GeoGuard Location Validator” or “GeoComply.” Finding the correct one is critical as this is the only option for geo-location that complies with the BetRivers platform and all its requirements.

Share Location Services

As you open the app upon completing the download, it will inform you that you must enable your location through your phone’s settings. Pressing the button that GeoGuard provides will take you to the exact spot where you can change this option. Be sure to switch the permissions to “Always Allow” for it to communicate appropriately with the BetRivers app.

Accept Notifications

For the GeoGuard app to work correctly, it must be able to send you notifications from time to time. Once you share your location services, the program will prompt you to allow GeoGuard Location Validator to send push notifications to your device. You must accept this condition in order for the app to provide the essential information to BetRivers.

Once these steps are complete, you can return to the BetRivers sports betting app and log in to your previously made account. You should then be able to see your location as valid. If not, reach out to customer service for additional assistance. 

Bets You Can Make on BetRivers Online Sportsbook

After successfully setting up your profile on the BetRivers Pennsylvania sports betting platform, you can choose which sporting events you want to place bets on. Not only that, but you can select which type of bet to make.

Whereas in the past, you may have had restrictions on the style of bets you could make during an event, that isn’t the case any longer. Today you can select from various options that fit your style best, including the following:

  • In-Play Betting
  • Same Game Parlays (SGP)
  • Over/Under Plays
  • Side Bets
  • Future Wagers

Here’s some more information about each betting type.

In-Play Betting

When you participate in in-play betting (also known as live betting), you decide which moves to make after the game begins. Therefore, you are placing bets as the action is happening. When this happens, the odds consistently change as more bets occur. 

As an example, in-play betting is popular in events like horse racing. After the race starts, those participating will wager their bets based on the performance of each horse. This act will continue up until the time they announce a winner.

Same Game Parlays (SGP)

When it comes to sports, there isn’t just one element that decides the outcome. When betting on same game parlays, you can wager your money on various components that ultimately decide what team wins or how the result comes to fruition. 

If you are looking to enact a bet within the realm of SGP, you have many options. Within the match, you can place a bet that determines which player will have the most points, which team will come out on top, and how many goals a team will achieve. 

Over/Under Plays

In one of the more simple types of bets, an over/under play allows you to bet on a specific game and whether or not the score will be higher or lower than projected. Based on previous averages, a predetermined score will be announced. Wagers can then decide whether they believe the final tally will differ from the projection.

When it comes to the Super Bowl, many will try to guess the final outcome, score-wise. If you participate in a sportsbook bet for the occasion, your foresight on the score may help you win significant earnings.

Side Bets

People sometimes refer to a side bet as a prop bet and vice versa. This interchangeability is understandable as the two work in the same way.

When you exercise a bet of this style, you are waging that a specific event or occurrence will take place in the game or competition. These betting techniques can be done in all types of sports and aren’t limited to a specific subset.

If you consider a UFC tournament, there are several opportunities for a side bet. To begin, you can wager which participant will throw the first punch. You can also bet that the first round will end at a particular time. Other options include picking who will score, how many throws there are in total, or the overall spread at specific times in the match.

Future Wagers

When you utilize the futures betting method, you are making a wager on events that will happen several weeks down the road. This version is standard for big competitions such as the Super Bowl. Locking in the bets with a significant amount of time in between adds a higher level of competition and often comes with a higher payout.

While an example of a future wager is the Super Bowl, it can also apply to other instances. For example, people may bet that a specific baseball team will win five more games than they did the previous year. They can also wager that a team will trade a player before the end of the season. There are many options for this betting style.

What Sports Are Eligible for BetRivers Pennsylvania Sportsbook?

At first glance, you may think that all sports are available to bet on once you sign up for the BetRivers sportsbook. While a majority of them are, there are a few exceptions when it comes to college sports. 

Initially, there was hesitation regarding collegiate sports and allowing individuals to place bets on the various competitions that take place throughout the school year. However, the NCAA organization later sided with the idea, and it is now allowed with the exception of side bets.

When it comes to the sports that are eligible for Pennsylvania sports betting, the list is extensive. While one of the first sports to go onto the roster was American football, more have come on as additions throughout the years, including the following

  • National Football League (NFL)
  • National Basketball Association (NBA)
  • National Hockey League (NHL)
  • Major League Baseball (MLB)
  • National Collegiate Athletic Association Football (NCAAF)
  • Euroleague Basketball
  • National Collegiate Athletic Association Basketball (NCAAB)
  • Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA)
  • Major League Soccer (MLS)
  • Union of European Football Associations (UEFA)
  • Bundesliga
  • Golf
  • Women’s Tennis Association (WTA)
  • Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA)
  • Ultimate Fighting Championship
  • Mixed Martial Arts and Boxing
  • Cricket and Rugby
  • Cycling
  • Formula 1 and Nascar
  • Handball, Table Tennis, and Darts
  • Volleyball

This list is not comprehensive and will vary depending on which sports are currently in season. Additionally, when the Olympics are in session, many other events are added to the roster for people to wage bets. All of these are excellent opportunities to utilize your BetRivers bonus code to get extra winnings.

State Sports Teams

Since BetRivers PA sportsbooks focus on Pennsylvania, it makes sense that they promote the local teams and offer special incentives for the times they play. 

As you review the available promotions, keep an eye on unique opportunities that revolve around the following events:

  • Pittsburgh Pirates and Philadelphia Phillies MLB games and the World Series
  • Philadelphia 76ers NBA matches and division winner
  • Pittsburgh Steelers and Philadelphia Eagles NFL competitions and the Super Bowl
  • Philadelphia Flyers and Pittsburgh Penguins NHL games and the Stanley Cup
  • All local collegiate events and tournaments
  • Local sports stars participating in national events

If you reside in Pennsylvania, remember to take advantage of the free money available to you in the form of a BetRivers bonus code. These codes are available when you attend Philadelphia Flyers and Pittsburgh Penguins NHL games in person and will afford you $10 to use towards your sportsbook bets.

Frequently Asked Questions About BetRivers Online Sportsbook

With the newness that comes with online sports betting, there are many questions about the process and the safety associated with betting online.

To help with these inquiries, we’ve compiled the most common questions about BetRivers for your reference.

In 2018, the laws changed to allow online sports betting in Pennsylvania as long as there is a brick-and-mortar building within the state. BetRivers sportsbook came into existence in 2019 and quickly grew to incorporate most sports and betting events.

While BetRivers has a presence in other states, you will need to accommodate each site as you use them. Therefore, if you are in Pennsylvania, you will be required to utilize an account created while you are in that state.

Once you move on to another location with a BetRivers sportsbook, you will need a separate account for use on that program extension.

If you decide to participate in sports betting through BetRivers, you can do so through their official website or mobile application. While the layouts on the app and website will vary slightly due to the difference in available dimensions, the bets and online activities are conducted in the same manner on both platforms.

The speed at which you receive your winnings will depend on which payment method you select at the time of withdrawal.

If you choose to obtain your winnings in person at the BetRivers cage, you will immediately have the money in hand. However, if you opt for a check, you will likely be waiting for several weeks as it will have to be processed and mailed to your residence.

The most popular BetRivers bonus code is the one you can utilize during signup. By entering the code PLAYRIV while creating your sportsbook profile, you immediately receive a deposit match of up to $500 on your first account deposit.

Final Thoughts: BetRivers Online Sportsbook Review Pennsylvania

With the incredibly generous addition of the BetRivers bonus code, new Pennsylvania sports betting platform users will have a great start to their wagering endeavors. The extensive array of sports the company includes in its lineup means endless options for placing bets.

Whether you enter multiple SGPs on the upcoming football game for your favorite team or decide to put a futures bet in for the Stanley Cup, you can choose the route that works for you and that you feel good placing. 

Keeping an eye on the promotions is vital. While the BetRivers bonus code is highly beneficial, it is only a one-time offer. Knowing what perks are available at any given time will help boost you in the right direction. 

Ultimately, the addition of betting apps and PA sportsbooks allows those interested in the act of sports betting to participate legally and have fun while doing so. Wagering your favorite teams and players can be an enjoyable pastime when done safely and within your means.

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