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The United States has four major sports: Football, Baseball, Basketball, and Hockey. These sports have the biggest team sports leagues in North America, but other sports are on the rise. 

While soccer is dominant worldwide, it is not a powerhouse in the United States, yet. That could change soon as online gambling is now legal in several states including Pennsylvania. Many people will learn how to bet on leagues like the MLS, Premier League, and the World Cup in PA soon.

There are plenty of Premier League games to bet on in PA and different ways to bet on them. You can make parlay bets, moneyline bets, and prop bets in PA. Additionally, many casinos in Pennsylvania have bet calculators for players to use. If you are a new player and might not know how to make various bets on Soccer games, no fear, in this article we will teach you how to bet on games like the World Cup, and which Premier League game bets to make.

Soccer Odds at PA Online Sportsbooks

Before you make a bet, you should check the odds of every soccer match on the slate for that day. Every online sportsbook in Pennsylvania should have odds for soccer games in big leagues like the Premier League. 

Every site has a slightly different layout, but you should be able to find the odds for soccer easily. 

There will be a list of games followed by the odds for money lines, over under, futures, parlay bets, and totals. You can find a game you like the odds for and make your bet. Every online Sportsbook in Pennsylvania should have odds for the Premier League, World Cup, and Major League Soccer. 

Is It Legal to Bet On Soccer Online in Pennsylvania?

Yes, it is 100% legal to bet on soccer games at all Pennsylvania sportsbooks with a valid license. Soccer betting is legal at retail sportsbooks and online betting apps and websites.

Sports betting has not been legal for long in Pennsylvania. Lawmakers in the state first made sports betting legal in October 2017. However, the law could not become official until a federal law changed. Fortunately, the Supreme Court struck down its ban on sports betting across the United States in May 2018.

Following the Supreme Court’s decision to cease its ban on sports betting, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board developed laws and regulations around sports betting in the state. Under the watch of the PGCB, people in PA can legally bet on soccer games via the money lines, spreads, point totals, and over/under.

The first legal retail sportsbook in Pennsylvania opened in November 2018, whereas the first legal betting apps launched in the summer of 2019. Today, there are several legal retail and online sportsbooks in PA.

How to Find a Sports Betting App in PA

Before you can start betting on soccer games in PA, you need to find a sports betting app to use. Finding a sports betting app is not difficult, but finding the one that works best for you can be challenging.

Fortunately, you do not need to worry about looking at sportsbooks based out of other parts of the country. You can make an account with a local sports betting app. Pennsylvania has several online sportsbooks associated with local casinos.

One thing to consider before you make an account with a new sportsbook is what you get as a new player. What kind of bonuses does each sportsbook offer? Every online sportsbook in PA has bonuses for new players to claim, but they are not the same. So, you should carefully consider the promos before you register an account.

The next thing to consider is the payment method you plan on using. Most online sportsbooks in PA support Visa and Mastercard credit cards. Additionally, many support third-party banking options like PayPal. With those options, most people should not have an issue depositing or withdrawing money. Still, you must confirm the sportsbook can support your payment method of choice before registering an account.

Once you confirm an online sportsbook is a good option, you need to make an account. Fortunately, registering an account is usually very easy. You can usually enter a promo code in the app to claim a special bonus. 

After registering, you can make your first deposit and start browsing the Premier League and World Cup for your first games to bet on.

How to Bet on Soccer Games

There are several ways to bet on professional soccer games at PA sportsbooks. Here are the common methods:

  • Moneylines: The most common way to bet on soccer games is via the money line. Each team gets odds on the money line. One team is the favorite, and the other is the underdog. The favorite will have a negative number in front of it, whereas the underdog has a positive number next to it. The number next to the favorite indicates how much you need to bet to win $100, whereas the number next to the underdog indicates how much money will win after betting $100.
  • Spreads: You can also bet the spread every game. It is a number indicating the margin a team will win by. If you pick the right side of the spread you will win the bet. Each side will have different odds.
  • Over / Under: The over/under is a bet you can make on the number of goals scored in the game. So, if the over / under is set at 2.5, you need to decide whether there will be more or less than 2.5 goals scored in the game.
  • Futures: You can make future bets too. For example, you can bet on which team will win the World Cup or the Premier League.
  • Parlays: Finally, you can make parlay bets. Parlays are bets where you combine several bets into one. If everything you bet on occurs, you get a much larger payout. However, if even one thing does not happen, you lose the bet.

Look at the Lines from Multiple Sportsbooks

Every sportsbook makes its lines. As a result, there can be significant differences between the lines at DraftKings and BetMGM. So, if you have a bet you want to make, you should see which sportsbook gives you the best odds. It takes extra work, but taking that time can make you more money. 

Do Lines Change?

Yes, lines change in the lead-up to games. As more people make bets, sportsbooks adjust their lines to maximize their profit margins. Lines also change as new reports come out about the weather, injuries, and which players will be in the game. 

Sportsbooks will also change their lines if there is significant action on one side. It can happen because most people are betting on one side of the money line or because one massive bet was made. Sportsbooks do this to protect themselves from losing money.

Furthermore, it is crucial to remember that lines change as games occur. You can bet on a game when it is halfway done. The lines will change from the start of the games, depending on what takes place.

Soccer Betting Online FAQs

Here are some FAQs we want to answer before you head out.

DraftKings is the biggest online sportsbook in the United States. They have locations throughout the United States and the rest of the world. They have a site in Pennsylvania that allows them to run their betting app in PA. When you sign up with DraftKings, you can receive a bonus of up to $1050.

BetMGM is another big sportsbook in the online betting industry. When you make an account, you can receive up to $1000 in risk-free bets.

Pennsylvania has several sports betting operators, so it is not reasonable to cover every one of them. That being said, we would like to list the other significant sportsbooks in PA. So, here are the other major sportsbooks residents of Pennsylvania can use: Caesars, BetRivers, FanDuel, UniBet, PointsBet, and FoxBet.

The Premier League is the top soccer league in England, and one of the most prestigious leagues in the world. 20 teams compete every season for the title of English Champions. The league starts in August and runs through May. People in PA can safely bet on every game throughout the season. 380 matches take place across the season.

32 teams qualify to compete in the World Cup. However, there are several rounds of qualification you can bet on too. The World Cup takes place once every year in a different nation.

The 2022 World Cup will take place in Qatar in November. The teams are separated into eight groups of four. Each team plays every team in their group, and the top two teams make the playoffs. The 16 teams then play single-elimination games until one remains.

Final Thoughts

Soccer is growing in Pennsylvania and the United States, so it makes sense interest is rising at local sportsbooks. You can bet on any game in the Premier League, World Cup, or any other major soccer league worldwide.