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When the leaves start changing, and the air cools, few things are as exciting as a big matchup of ranked teams in NCAA football. But if you want big matchups involving teams like Penn State and Pitt to be even more exciting, you may consider placing a wager down on the outcome of the contest.

With so many college football games to bet on, residents have many different types of games and bets to choose from. So what are the best NCAA football games bets, and how do you make a wager? We will cover all that and more so you know precisely how to bet on college football games online in Pennsylvania.

How To Bet on College Football in PA

Before you wager any money on an NCAA game, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with all the terminology and jargon you will see. As soon as you open up any sportsbook site, the app will showcase an array of odds and numbers. Understanding what they mean will allow you to bet with confidence and knowledge.


The easiest wager to understand is a moneyline bet. If the team you bet on wins, you also win a payout; the tricky part of moneylines is navigating how the payouts work.

To demonstrate how a moneyline works, we will look at an example. In this scenario, Penn State is hosting a struggling Michigan State squad. Casinos and sportsbooks believe the Nittany Lions to be favored in the matchup.

When you log into the sportsbooks, you will see the odds for Penn State listed as -350. These odds mean you need to wager $350 to win back $100 in profit. 

On the other side of the equation is Michigan State, where the casino lists odds of +380. That figure denotes if you wager $100 and the Spartans pull off the upset, you will take home $380 in profit.

You may place bets in any denomination, and the payouts change based on how much you wager. If you are not comfortable with mental math, try using a bet calculator.

Aside from wagering on the outcome, moneylines cover different aspects of the game. Gamblers call these wagers prop bets, and PA residents have many choices with these to make.

The most common is an over/under for the point total. In our previous example, the casino sets the over/under for total points scored by the teams at 64.5. That means if you believe the two teams will combine to score more than 65, you will want to bet the over.

Other prop bets focus on an individual player’s statistics. You can bet on a quarterback to throw for a certain amount of yards or a defensive back to make an interception. The amount of prop bets on offer differs between sportsbooks. 

Point Spread

When you hear someone talk about a team covering the spread, they are talking about a point spread wager. Whereas a moneyline may pay out anything ranging from cents on the dollar to gigantic wins, point spreads pay out around a 1:1 ratio. In short, if you bet $10 in a point spread wager and win, you will get around $10 back.

To better understand point spreads, we will look at a new example. Pitt is on the road against a dominant Clemson squad that is undefeated. The casinos determine the Panthers are a massive underdog in this game.

You will see Clemson listed by the casinos at -25.5. These odds mean that if you want to bet on Clemson, the team needs to not just win but win by at least 26 points. While this wager will be more difficult than just betting on the Clemson moneyline, the payout will be much greater.

Pitt, on the other hand, will have odds of +25.5. If you wager on Pitt, they don’t need to win the game but lose by 25 or less. Using a point spread gives you protection when betting on the underdog.


When you want to predict an entire season rather than one game, consider placing a futures bet. These are wagers you place near the start of the season that deal with long-term outcomes, like a team’s total wins or a player’s statistics.

Before each season, sportsbooks set an over/under number for every team and its win total. For instance, Alabama may have an over/under set at 9.5. You will need to determine if you believe the Crimson Tide can win more than nine games and make your wager based on that feeling.

Player futures often involve award winners or someone passing a particular statistical threshold. If you believe Sean Clifford will win the Heisman trophy, you can place money down on that outcome. Or if you’re convinced Joey Porter Jr. will record five interceptions in the season, most sportsbooks will offer a bet for it. 


Parlays are a high-risk, high-reward variation of wagers where you combine multiple bets into one slip. If you correctly predict each wager inside a parlay, you receive a payout several times your initial deposit. However, if even one of the bets proves incorrect, you walk away with nothing.

As an example, you make a three-leg parlay of Penn State winning straight up, Pitt covering the spread, and Joey Porter Jr. making an interception. You need all three outcomes to hold if you want to take home a payout. But the odds increase significantly with a multi-leg parlay, so a $10 bet may be worth a $50 payout if you are correct.

Where To Make NCAA Football Games Bets

Now that you’ve taken a look at some of the jargon, it’s time to find out how to bet on college football in PA and the best sportsbooks for the Keystone State.


In the 2010s, daily fantasy sports were all the rage, and FanDuel was one of the biggest sites for the game. With legalized sports betting in Pennsylvania, FanDuel now offers a sportsbook and has partnerships with several leagues.


DraftKings was another site that got its start with daily fantasy and moved on to have a sportsbook. The company offers some of the biggest new player bonuses in the business.


PointsBet is an Australian company that focuses on gimmicks in its sportsbook. Its most famous feature is Points Betting, where the more you are correct, the more you win; the inverse also holds, making them high-risk wagers.


When you want to bet on college football games online in Pennsylvania, why not use a sportsbook based in the state? BetRivers is the official app of the Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh.

List of SportsBooks in Pennsylvania

  • PointsBet
  • BetRivers
  • BetMGM
  • FanDuel
  • UniBet
  • Caesars Sportsbook
  • DraftKings
  • Barstool Sportsbook

Is It Legal to Bet on Sports in Pennsylvania?

Yes, it is! Several lawmakers made efforts to legalize online gambling in Pennsylvania for years. In 2017, Gov. Tom Wolf signed House Bill 271 to open up online gambling regulated by the state. The first bet followed in 2018.

Online sports betting is open to any Pennsylvania residents over 21 who currently live in the state. When signing up for a sportsbook, you must provide your social security number and address so the company can verify your identity. Once the sportsbook confirms your identity, you may make a deposit and begin wagering.

Tips for NCAA Football Games Betting

If you are new to gambling on football or sports in general, we will provide a few simple tips to increase your winning percentage and bet with confidence.

Of course, it’s important to mention you need to gamble responsibly. With that in mind, set a budget and limits and stick to them at all times. No matter how much a bet seems like a surefire hit, it is not worth wagering your entire bankroll. Sports are volatile, and anything can happen that may derail your plans. Only bet what you can afford to lose. Moreover, avoid making too many multi-leg parlays, as they are difficult to hit.

Research is king in the world of gambling. Before placing money down, you should gather information on trends, potential injuries, and historical performances between two teams. While it may seem tempting to make a wager based on gut feelings, your instincts won’t guide you to consistent wins. Casinos are well-connected and fine-tuning betting lines, and you will need plenty of research to keep up with them.

Shop around for better odds or daily deals between multiple sportsbooks. While lines don’t typically fluctuate too much between apps, an edge of half a point is often the difference between a bet hitting and missing. 

Conclusion: Bet on College Football Games Online in Pennsylvania

When you need a little extra spark in a regular season college football game, consider placing a wager at one of Pennsylvania’s many sportsbooks. If you want to bet on college football games online in Pennsylvania, you will find many ways to play and gamble responsibly.