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DraftKings Online Casino Review Pennsylvania

For those who love a great casino game but aren’t interested in going to a physical casino, DraftKings Online Casino is an excellent option in Pennsylvania. You get all the fun of a regular casino floor, but you can play from the comfort of your couch or anywhere else in the state.

DraftKings is one of the most popular online casinos in Pennsylvania and the other states in which they operate. Not all online casinos are created equal, so if you’re looking for a high-quality online casino, we’ve gathered everything there is to know about DraftKings so you can decide if it’s the right one for you. 

About DraftKings Online Casino Pennsylvania

DraftKings is an online gambling casino that’s been around for several years, primarily in New Jersey since 2018, before expanding into other states. While it’s a relatively new casino, it’s still one of the best, especially since online gambling recently became legal in some states. 

In April 2020, Pennsylvania became the second state to legalize gambling in online casinos, so DraftKings expanded its operations into the Keystone state in 2020. The casino is only operational for those physically in Pennsylvania during gameplay, and you must be at least 21 years of age. 

To play with DraftKings, besides meeting the age requirement, you have to have a valid social security number, and when you log into the app or website, the location needs to ping in Pennsylvania, or you won’t be able to play.

DraftKings Online Casino is a safe place to gamble, play online games, and make bets from the comfort of your home. This online casino operates under the license name of DraftKings Sportsbook and Casino at the Hollywood Casino, and their physical operating casino is at Penn National Race Course in Pennsylvania. 

Fully Regulated in Pennsylvania

When looking into the newest PA online casino to try and earn big with, you want to look for a regulated one. DraftKings Online Casino is fully regulated in Pennsylvania by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board. The license number is 117645, and anyone physically in the state can play if they meet the age requirement. 

How To Play With DraftKings

Playing online with DraftKings is easier than ever, thanks to their various gameplay options. You can begin playing by going to their website from your laptop or desktop or downloading the DraftKings online casino app.

The DraftKings app is available for iPhone and Android devices. All you have to do is go to the Apple App Store or the Google Play store and download the app to your device. 

You’ll need to create an account with DraftKings before being able to play, but this is standard and shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes. You’ll need the following information to set up an account:

  • An email address
  • Name
  • Location
  • Payment information to sign up

Once you’ve created your account, DraftKings must verify your location in Pennsylvania before you can start playing. They do this initially but will regularly check throughout your playing time to ensure you’re staying within state lines. 

DraftKings Games

Now let’s get to the main reason you’re considering joining DraftKings: the games. When you sign up to play with this Pennsylvania online casino, you’ll have the opportunity to play a variety of online casino games that you usually love, but from the comfort of your home. 

They offer name-brand slot games, table games, and much more that allow you to win big. Even if you’re not looking to win the big bucks and just want to have a good time, DraftKings has you covered. Let’s take a look at a breakdown of all the casino games that DraftKings offers. 

DraftKings Online

One of the main reasons people sign up to play with DraftKings is their online selection of games. Their online casino has one of the largest selections in Pennsylvania, with more than 320 slot games. 

They also offer more than 30 of your favorite table games like Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Live Dealer, Casino War, and more. Many of these games are branded as DraftKings games, like DraftKings Blackjack, but the rules are the same. 

Most people enjoy slot machine games because they’re easy and fun. Many of their online slot games come from the world’s largest and most intelligent game developers. You’ll see games from NextGen, Amaya, Scientific Games, IGT, NetENT, and more on DraftKings. 

Another thing people love about the slot games offered by DraftKings is their diversity. You’ll see slots with various themes like sports, classic casinos, and more. We love that they offer titles from the Slingo Family too. 

Video Poker

For those who aren’t huge fans of slot machines or want some variety in their online gambling, DraftKings has video poker. They offer three different PA online poker games for their Pennsylvania customers to choose from: 

  • Double Double Bonus Poker
  • Game King Video Poker
  • Jacks or Better 

While many of their other table games are roasted out or only playable at certain times, these three video poker games are mainstays at DraftKings. 

Table Games

If you crave playing table games without leaving your couch, then DraftKings has some of the best options among other online casinos. You can choose from reels, random change, card games, dive, and the beloved roulette wheel.

You’ll find 12 different types of Blackjack, which is unheard of with other online casinos in Pennsylvania. They have the classic version that you know and love, but they have several others with twists that are worth a shot if you want to spice things up. Some of the other versions include Blackjack XChange, 777 Blazing Blackjack, and Multihand Blackjack.

For those who love to play roulette, DraftKings offers six versions. Many of them are similar, but once you sign up, there’s no harm in sampling each to see if you have a preference for one you like more than the other. Some of their options include Lightning Roulette and First-person Roulette. 

Live Dealer Games

Something that sets DraftKings PA online casino apart from other online casinos in Pennsylvania is they offer live dealer games. These games are ideal for those who want a more “real” casino experience. You can log into your account and play with a real dealer playing with you live rather than some of their other online games. 

Many online casinos try to mimic the experience of being in a physical casino for their customers, but there’s only so much they can do to achieve this. DraftKings makes customers who play live dealer games feel like they’re right there at the gambling table rather than at their kitchen table or wherever they’re playing from.

The dealers can interact with the players from DraftKings PA casino, which makes it feel more real than traditional online casino games. Many of these live dealers are working from a physical casino in Pennsylvania.

Customers who want to play live dealer games can interact with the dealer through their live chat function. While you’ll have to type your responses to the dealer, it’s more realistic than their other games. The live dealer games that they offer are: 

  • Baccarat 
  • Blackjack
  • Infinite Blackjack
  • Three Card Poker
  • Roulette 

With their live dealer games on the rise, it’s likely that they’ll continue to add more variety as more people express interest. 

Tutorials and Gambling Advice

When reviewing an online casino, whether they offer tutorials about how to navigate their website or app, game tutorials, and gambling advice is a huge factor we consider. DraftKings offers a substantial amount of tutorials on how to play all the games that they offer at their online casino. 

Some of their advice is to help you make “good” bets and how to not gamble too much, which can lead you to lose too much money. You can access all these tutorials easily from their website. 

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

We can only discuss online casinos if we consider their deposit and withdrawal options. You can’t win any money if you don’t deposit any into your account, and there will be no deposit bonus.

DraftKings has made it as easy as possible to deposit funds into your account to start playing, and withdrawing them is just as easy when you make earnings. Your deposit options when playing with DraftKings include: 

  • Debit cards
  • Credit cards
  • Online banking 
  • PayPal
  • Electronic wallet 
  • Prepaid cards
  • Play+
  • Wire transfer
  • PayNearMe
  • Cash service 

Now, withdrawal methods are much fewer than your deposit options. But the good news is that you’ll still be able to access your earnings. You can withdraw your earnings via: 

  • PayPal (if you used it for your initial deposit)
  • Check
  • e-Check
  • Venmo

Minimum and Maximum Withdrawals

If you’ve ever played with an online casino, the vast majority have minimum and maximum withdrawals. The reasoning behind this can vary from casino to casino, but alas, there are minimum and maximum amounts you can take out of your earnings at a time. 

The minimum and maximum amounts vary depending on your chosen withdrawal method and which product you’re using on DraftKings’ platform. 

Minimum and Maximum Withdrawals on All DraftKings Products

DraftKings has some of the lowest minimum withdrawal amounts of online casinos. Here’s a look at the withdrawal minimums and maximums for all withdrawal methods that you can use on any DraftKings products: 

  • ACH Bank Transfer: $1 minimum and $100,000 maximum 
  • Check: $1 minimum and $49,999 maximum 
  • Debit Card (or Online Card Transfer): $1 minimum and $25,000 maximum 
  • PayPal: $1 minimum and $60,000 maximum 
  • Venmo: $1 minimum and $20,000 maximum 

Minimum and Maximum Withdrawals on Sportsbook & Casino

For those who are interstate in placing bets and playing with DraftKings Sportsbook and Casino, here’s a look at their minimum and maximum withdrawals: 

  • Cage: No minimum and $100,000 maximum 
  • Online Banking: No minimum and $100,000 maximum 
  • Play+: No minimum and $25,000 maximum 
  • VIP Preferred Check: No minimum and $100,000 maximum 

Withdrawal Timelines

When it comes to withdrawing your earnings, efficiency is something you want to look for in an online casino. DraftKings prioritizes fast, efficient, and safe withdrawals for all of their players. Before you begin playing with DraftKings, understanding how their withdrawal process works is vital to having a good experience. 

You will have to request a withdrawal to remove your funds from your account. The process is easy, and you’ll go through your account to do so. You will choose the withdrawal method you prefer, and then they will begin processing your request. 

When you request a withdrawal, they are processed from 9 AM to 5 PM on business days. Keep in mind that if you send a withdrawal request after 2 PM, it will be processed the following business day in the order that DraftKings received the requests. You’ll want to double-check the address on your account because that’s where the withdrawals are sent. 

When you request a withdrawal, you’ll receive a confirmation email with the date, time, and amount you’re withdrawing. Once your request processes, you’ll receive another email from DraftKings stating that the process is complete and your funds are on their way to you. 

The best part is they have a tracker, so you see where your earnings are throughout the process.

Here’s a quick look at how long you can expect your withdrawal to take based on the method you choose: 

  • ACH Bank Transfer: One to three days
  • Debit Card: One day
  • PayPal: Three to five days
  • Online Banking: Three to five days
  • Play+: Two to four days
  • Wire: One to two days
  • Venmo: Two to three days

For those requesting a check with their earnings, it will take longer to get to you. Checks for $100 or less will be mailed with USPS Priority Mail. It can take around seven business days for it to arrive, but it can come sooner or later. 

Checks that are between $100.01 and $1,999.99 will also be sent with USPS but with tracking enabled since the amount is larger. Sending your check that’s written for between these amounts takes around five days, and you can track your check via

Any checks over $2,000 will arrive to you with FedEx. These take about three days to arrive, and you’ll be able to track the envelope via

Responsible Game Play

Something worth noting when considering using DraftKings Online Casino PA is that they provide many features to encourage responsible gameplay. We appreciate that they have features in place to help limit gameplay for those who want to participate but do not want to have playing take over their lives.

Whereas many casinos are in the business of encouraging you to continue to spend your money, DraftKings has features that can limit how much you play, how much you spend, and more to keep you a responsible gambler. 

Player Limits

DraftKings is committed to responsible gaming, so one of their best features for this is their implementation of player limits. This feature allows players to limit their access to casino games, sportsbooks, fantasy sports, and all other gambling options on their website. Here are what the player limits look like across the site. 

Fantasy Sports Player Limits 

When using the fantasy sports area of the website, you’ll be able to set several limits, including: 

  • Deposit Limits: You can limit the amount you’re allowed to deposit as well as how often to deposit that amount (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.).
  • Entry Fee Limits: You can set the dollar amount for the maximum you’ll pay for an entry fee per contest, so you can spend your money wisely. 
  • Entry Limits: You can limit how many contests you enter per week.

Casino and Sportsbook Player Limits

For those who are interested in partaking in DraftKings Sportsbook gambling feature, here are the player limits you’re able to set if you choose: 

  • Deposit Limits: You can set the dollar amount to deposit into your account, whether high or low. 
  • Wager Limits: You’ll be able to limit how much you’re willing to wager on games. 
  • Max Wager Limits: You can set the maximum dollar amount of any wager throughout DraftKings. 
  • Time Limits: You can limit how many hours you’re allowed to play per day, and even self-exclude to prevent yourself from participating if you choose. 

Cool-Off Period

If you’ve tried setting limits and are looking for something more stringent to limit your gameplay, DraftKings offers a cooling-off period. During the cool-off period, you cannot log into your account, deposit funds, or play games with DraftKings. While you cannot access the funds already in your account, they will be there for you when the period is over. 

You, as the account holder, can set your cooling-off period. You get to choose the amount of time you want to cool off from DraftKings. You can choose three, four, five, or six days. If you need longer, you can choose one, two, three, or four weeks. 

Be very careful when choosing how long you want the cool-off period to be. Once you choose one, you cannot reduce the time and will have to wait for the time to run out before you can return. Here’s how you can set a cool-off period with DraftKings: 

  • Log into your account
  • Click the menu icon
  • Scroll to your account and then click on the settings
  • Choose cool-off option
  • Fill out the form and select the duration
  • Hit submit

Self Exclusion

Besides limiting the amount you’re able to gamble, you can limit your access to all of DraftKings products. If you’ve tried player limits but are looking for more strict features for responsible gameplay, there’s their self-exclusion option. 

Self-exclusion essentially allows you to take a break from DraftKings. When you choose this route, you won’t be able to log into your DraftKings account until the self-exclusion period set forth is over. 

How To Self Exclude

If you feel like you’ve reached the point that you need to self-exclude from using DraftKings, here’s how you can do that:

  • Log into your account
  • Tap the menu icon
  • Head to your settings and then account information
  • Choose self-exclusion
  • Select how long you want to self-exclude from the menu options 
  • Submit your self-exclusion

DraftKings Dynasty Reward Program

Something that makes DraftKings stand out among other online casinos is its reward program, also known as DraftKings Dynasty Program. The DraftKings Dynasty Program is an elaborate rewards program that gives players access to more perks and ways to play across the platform. 

When you play with their rewards program, you’ll earn Crowns, essentially tokens you can use to purchase various rewards and count toward your reward tier level. Tier levels reset every calendar year based on how many you earn throughout the year. The tier levels are as follows: 

  • Bronze: 0 crowns per year
  • Silver: 25,000 crowns per year
  • Gold: 125,000 crowns per year 
  • Diamond: 500,000 crowns per year 
  • Onyx: 1,000,000 crowns per year

You’ll be able to earn crowns via different games and promotions that run throughout DraftKings. You can see which games offer crowns and choose to participate in those if you choose. You can see your tier level and how far you are from reaching the next tier by going to your account settings and clicking on the DraftKings Dynasty Reward Program. 

You have access to the Dynasty Reward Store from the moment you create an account with DraftKings, but you won’t be able to purchase anything from them without an appropriate amount of crowns. How many crowns you’ll earn depends on the game you play. 

To give you an idea of some of the items you can purchase with your DraftKings Dynasty Rewards points, these are some of the most popular items: 

  • iPhones (the most current or fairly current versions)
  • iPhone cases that fit the newer models 
  • Mac Books

They also have other rewards that don’t require nearly as many crowns, but these are the ones many of their players strive to get. To stay up to date with their available rewards, you can log into your account and then travel to the rewards store. Rewards depend on what they have in stock when you’re ready to redeem your crowns. 

Customer Support

When you’re gambling and placing bets online, it’s vital to have customer support you can access as you need. Since you’re playing online, disconnections and other interruptions can happen, so being able to get in touch with someone when you need it makes an online casino high-quality. 

DraftKings understands that they need to offer a variety of customer service options for their players, and that’s exactly what they’ve done. 

Live Chat 

The most popular way to contact someone from DraftKings customer support is via their live chat option. It’s incredibly easy and convenient. 

All you have to do if you need to live chat with someone is go to the “contact us” page, and the live chat window will immediately pop up. Their customer service members typically respond in seconds or minutes if it’s a busy time.


While you can’t find a telephone number on their website, DraftKings does offer phone calls with customer service. You’ll have to fill out a form that says you’re requesting a phone call with someone from DraftKings. You’ll tell them your name, username, email, and why you’re requesting a call.


Lastly, you can contact someone at DraftKings via standard mail. Mailing them a letter isn’t the most efficient way to deal with your inquiries, but we appreciate that they offer their players the option. 

Even though you’re playing in Pennsylvania, you’ll need to mail your formal letter to their US office in Boston, Massachusetts. Be sure to include all the necessary information that they might need to assist you with your issue. The address is 222 Berkeley Street, Boston, MA 02116. 

Promotions and Offers

Another thing that makes DraftKings stand out amongst other online casinos in Pennsylvania and other estates are its promotions and offers for its customers. They’re constantly changing and offering promotions across their casino and other platforms to entice players and make them understand how appreciative they are of them. 

Whether playing with their casino, Sportsbook, or other option, you can access your promotions and see what’s currently available by logging into your account. Once you log in, you’ll visit your account settings and then click on “promotions.”

From here, you’ll be able to see all current promotions and then select the ones that you want to use or strive for. Not all promotions last the same length of time, and while they’re constantly changing, you’ll see many of the most popular ones popping up again. 

Many of them are about a matching price if you deposit a certain amount of funds. For new DraftKings customers, they often offer specific promotions geared towards them, which you’ll be able to see before you officially sign up with the online casino. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve covered a lot about DraftKings Online Casino, but if you still have questions, here are some of the most frequently asked questions by other casino goers.

Typically the fastest way to deposit money to play games is through your bank. Many offer an instant transfer option that credit and debit cards don’t. It depends on your deposit options, but bank transfers and debit cards tend to be the fastest for players.

To play any casino games with DraftKings Online Casino, you need to be at least 21 years old. They verify this information and will cancel any accounts for those who attempt to lie about their age in order to gamble.

There isn’t a minimum deposit requirement for DraftKings Pennsylvania. Some games might have particular requirements, but you’ll be aware of that before you begin playing. There are minimum and maximum withdrawals, though.

Losing connection happens sometimes, and if this happens to you, you should be able to re-enter the game with no issue. If you cannot re-enter the game and believe you deserve a refund, you’ll need to get in touch with customer service so they can address your concern and see if a refund is an option for you.

No. Even though you’re of age and live in the state, you must be physically within the state borders to play. They check the IP address of all players when they log in to make sure they’re abiding by all regulations.

As long as you’re over 21 years old, you don’t need to be a resident of Pennsylvania to play with DraftKings. If you’re visiting a friend or family, you can play their casino games as long as you’re within the state lines.

Final Thoughts

DraftKings is one of the best online casinos for those who live in Pennsylvania. They offer some of the most popular games like slots, Blackjack, Roulette, and all your favorite casino slot and table games. They even offer live dealer games for those who want a more authentic gambling experience. 

All in all, they are one of the best online casinos for those over 21 years old to play with as long as you’re physically in Pennsylvania. You’ll be able to take advantage of fast withdrawals, low minimums, and no minimum deposits into your account. 

You can sign up in minutes and begin playing your favorite games today. Be sure to take advantage of welcome bonuses and deposit match opportunities with a DraftKings bonus code.

Good luck!

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