Two Rivers Casino Employees Arrested

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Two Rivers Casino employees were arrested for their involvement in what the Pennsylvania police are calling a “complex cheating conspiracy.”

Robin Schnepp, a table games dealer, and Anthony Laush were both longtime employees at the Keystone State Casino. The pair is being accused of allegedly helping two players cheat on the casino’s Interblock Roulette machines on various occasions. This ruse resulted in Rivers Casino losing more than $10,000.

The casino was notified of the situation a few months prior by an anonymous tip. A letter was sent to the casino sharing concerns about inconsistencies, specifically related to the Interblock Roulette machines.

Interblock Roulette identifies itself as a blend of classic Roulette with modern twists. “Central to this game is the spinning wheel with numbered pockets. As the wheel turns, a ball is released, and players predict where it will rest.” Here’s the catch … if the wheel turns and the player does not manually release the ball, there is no sensor to determine that the wheel has already spun. This gives an opportunity for the player to see the outcome of the wheel spin and continue to add bets before ever spinning the ball.

Schnepp was caught on surveillance footage taking advantage of this flaw by releasing the ball incorrectly multiple times. The video then shows a man and woman upping their bets once the winning number is revealed. Laush was then seen on video validating the patron’s spins using his electric fob on the roulette machine. Additionally, Laush was shown loading illegal comps on one of the player’s accounts. The patrons walked away with over $2,000 each. Robin Schnepp and Anthony Laush are no longer employed by Rivers Casino and face their preliminary hearing this month. Jack Daniel Mars III was identified as one of the patrons involved and will be facing charges as well. Pennsylvania police stated that they were fully aware of the two players and their part in this scheme.

PA state trooper Rocco Gagliardi was recorded, saying, “That really deep investigational effort showcased that these two players knew what they were doing there in the errored state, and they were part of the plan.”

Apparently, the roulette whistleblower wasn’t the only patron who had picked up on the machine’s “quirks.” In an interview from WPXI-TV, an unidentified patron stated, “In the past year, I noticed a couple of glitches with it, with the digital number coming up and the delay.”

Another frequent patron by the name of Michael Walker noted that he was glad that the employees were caught saying, “There’s some good workers, and there’s some bad workers in there.”

When Rivers Casino was asked to make a statement regarding the incident, a representative shared this: “We cooperated fully with the Pennsylvania State Police in this investigation.” The casino plans on implementing a complete examination and overhaul of its machines to prevent this from happening again in the future.

This isn’t the first scandal for Pittsburgh’s River Casino. Back in December, yet another employee was caught in the act on surveillance footage. Yancey Yeater (former Player Services Manager) was seen stealing $20,000 from the cashier’s cage. The security department reported the theft and Yeater was arrested and is currently facing felony charges.

For players struggling with problem gambling in general, the state of PA has made it easy to find help. In PA, help is provided by experts at the Pennsylvania Compulsive Gambling Helpline or 1-800-GAMBLER (1-800-426-2537).