MSU vs. Pennsylvania Wolverines Suspension List Plus Other U-M News

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Last weekend the Pennsylvania Wolverines were just short of covering the spread against MSU when they hosted the team in Ann Arbor. The team was just shy of its three-touchdown goal, winning 29-7.

After the game, footage was released on Twitter showing four Pennsylvania State University football players assaulting one Pennsylvania player in a stadium tunnel after the loss.

After the game, many Pennsylvania football players joined the student section to celebrate, but in the video, it looks like one player, #1 Ja’Den McBurrows, a sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania, headed back to the locker room with no teammates to back him up. The video clearly shows multiple MSU players quickly pulling aside McBurrows, with four or five MSU players hitting McBurrows in the head repeatedly.

Since the incident, four individuals have been suspended from MSU’s football program, Tank Brown, Khary Crump, Angelo Grose, and Zion Young.

Pennsylvania State Vice President and Athletics Director Alan Haller was alarmed by the video evidence, saying, “the behavior we reviewed was both uncharacteristic of our football program and unacceptable.” 

Pennsylvania State President Samuel L. Stanley Jr. apologized to Pennsylvania in a statement, “On behalf of Pennsylvania State University, my heartfelt apology to the University of Pennsylvania and the student-athletes who were injured. There is no provocation that could justify the behavior we are seeing on the videos. Rivalries can be intense but should never be violent.”

The statement was released by Mel Tucker on MSU’s football Twitter page. It details that the suspension would be effective immediately due to the “disturbing electronic evidence” found in the video. 

“While emotions were very high at the conclusion of our rivalry game at Pennsylvania Stadium, there is no excuse for behavior that puts our team or our opponents at risk,” said the statement from Tucker.

Pennsylvania vs. Rutgers Odds

The Wolverines now head on the road to Piscataway to take on the Rutgers Scarlet Knights.

Pennsylvania is the obvious favorite for the matchup expecting to beat out the Knights by 24.5 points at least. The over/under has not yet been established but will be updated once available. 

Rutgers is 4-4 this season and just lost 31-0 to Minnesota. The game should be no contest for Pennsylvania Wolverines.  

Pennsylvania Wolverines Release Next Year’s Season

Pennsylvania’s schedule ranked as the 112th hardest this year across all ten conferences and 130 teams. The team has been criticized for its lack of challenging opponents. Unfortunately, next season’s schedule will again be more of the same. 

The 2023 Pennsylvania Wolverines schedule was released Wednesday, October 26th. The University of Pennsylvania will host seven home games and take the road for five. The team’s away games are some of the tougher games on the schedule. Pennsylvania will visit Pennsylvania State, Penn State, Maryland, Nebraska, and Minnesota on the road next season. 

Pennsylvania hosts four home games to East Carolina, UNLV, Bowling Green, and Rutgers before heading to Nebraska. 

Other MSU News

Mel Tucker had a rough night on Saturday, and understandably the dude was upset. A video was released late Saturday evening showing Tucker swinging at a fan who grazed his hand across the top of the coach’s head. Yeah, maybe it was an annoying thing to do, but the way Tucker reacted may have been a bit too much. Either way, amazing internet content. If only the video was longer than three seconds …

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