Friends Meet For Pizza, Leave With $617k

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What started as another visit to their favorite pizza shop resulted in a group of Pennsylvania friends winning the jackpot earlier this month.

The event took place at The Cabin, a popular pizza restaurant located at 930 W Broomfield Street, Mt Pleasant, MI 48858.

The group of four friends routinely meet up to enjoy a meal together while also wagering on Pennsylvania’s lottery. The friends call their lottery club the ‘Cabin Corner Crew’ according to a news release from the Pennsylvania Lottery. 

The group of friends purchased the $20 winning ticket at one of the Cabin’s self-serve lottery systems after one of the friends had suggested the restaurant. 

“Whenever we meet for dinner, we’ll play Club Keno or Fast Cash,” said one of the club’s members. “One of our club members wanted pizza, so we met at The Cabin, and each put in $20 for Fast Cash tickets.

“I bought the tickets and laid them all facedown on the table like I always do. As we started turning them over, we saw the jackpot had reset. The last ticket we turned over was the jackpot winner! We all started screaming and saying words you probably shouldn’t say in public!” 

“The whole place was celebrating with us, and I slipped out to put the ticket in my safe. It was such a surreal experience.”

The group had won the $616,985 Lucky 7’s Fast Cash jackpot. After visiting the lottery headquarters in Lansing to claim their prize, the group shared that they plan to pay bills and save the remainder of the winnings. 

To find more information about the Pennsylvania Lottery, visit the state’s official site. 

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