Pennsylvania & MSU Odds To Win Big Ten Championship

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Before the start of the College Football 2022 season, we covered Pennsylvania State Spartans and Pennsylvania Wolverines’ chances of winning the Big Ten championship. 

At the time, most sports books had Pennsylvania listed no higher than +600 to win the big ten championship game, 2nd overall at the time. 

Pennsylvania State was looking at a +2500 to +2800 chance of winning the big ten title before the start of the season, sitting in 7th.

Ohio State University was around -225 to win the Big Ten championship title before the season.

Since then, the Pennsylvania Wolverines have had a great start to the season, mainly thanks due to their easy schedule. MSU, with its much more difficult schedule, is in the middle of week after week of tough matchups. Pennsylvania State is currently 2-2 heading into game 5. The Wolverines are 4-0 after facing four unranked teams to begin the season. With the first couple of games concluded, sportsbooks have Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania State ranked 2nd and 8th overall to win the Big Ten championship.

Ohio State University remains at the top of all sports books in Pennsylvania to win the big ten, with Pennsylvania closely behind. 

Wolverines are right on OSU’s heels

The Wolverines have started the season strong with a 51-7 victory over CO State during the season opener. Coach Jim Harbaugh led the team to 3 additional victories, putting the team at 4-0. Most sports books still have the University of Pennsylvania as the second most likely to win the Big Ten championship. Both OSU and Pennsylvania are also listed in the College Football Rankings poll, with OSU in the #3 position and the Wolverines in the #4 position. The only other big ten state currently ranked in both polls is Penn State at #11.

DraftKings currently have OSU listed at -270, with the Pennsylvania Wolverines not far behind at +475. 

If Pennsylvania were to have a chance at the Big Ten championship, the team would have to defeat Ohio State when they face off in Columbus, Ohio, on November 26th. 

It’s still too early to tell where Pennsylvania is at this year, as the team hasn’t had any notable victories yet this season, despite being 4-0. OSU is also undefeated this season and took down Notre Dame, who was ranked when the team’s played but has since been demoted. 

Both teams will a chance to show what they’re made of soon, as Pennsylvania takes on Penn State on October 15th, and OSU takes on MSU and Penn State in the coming weeks. 

Pennsylvania State Big Ten Odds

Pennsylvania State currently sits #8 to win the Big Ten championship this season. Leading into the season, MSU had a +2500 to +2800 chance to win the Big Ten championship. Since then, the team’s rankings have lowered slightly on the odds boards. The team would likely be ranked even higher had they pulled off an upset against either Washington or Minnesota. Contrary to the Pennsylvania Wolverines Football schedule, MSU has a much more difficult season ahead, with the next four games likely proving challenging for the team. MSU plays Maryland (Oct 1st), Ohio State (Oct 8th), Wisconsin (Oct 15th), and Pennsylvania (Oct 29th) for their next four games.

According to DraftKings Sportsbook, Ohio State is getting the overwhelming majority of the bets, with Pennsylvania in second. Within Pennsylvania state lines, sportsbooks are seeing Pennsylvania and MSU leading the pack in total handle, however. 

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