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PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) kicked off this week on September 4th, 2022. The series is one of the largest WCOOP PokerStars has put on, resulting in a guaranteed prize pool of $85 million. For years, Americans were allowed to participate in the WCOOP. But since 2011, only residents outside of the US can participate in the tournament. Interestingly, from 2003 to 2011, 7 out of 8 main events were won by US players. If you’re in the US, don’t fret, as PokerStars is putting on a USCOOP for Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey residents.

The US Championship of Online Poker begins today (September 9th), with a $100 buy-in tournament in each state. The US tournament will feature a variety of buy-ins from $20 up to $300 for main events. 

Pokerstars is hosting a total of 215 events between September 9th and September 26th. The total guaranteed prize pool across the three states is a combined $4.5 million. 

For players in Pennsylvania, the overall guarantee of $2 million is split across 77 events. Pennsylvania players are competing for a total guaranteed prize pool of $1.5 million across 77 events. New Jersey is hosting the remaining 61 events and has a guaranteed prize pool of $1 million.

Potential Payout For Championship Events

Of the total $4.5 million guaranteed for the tournament, $2.2 million is set aside for “Championship” events. These events are similar to the WCOOP Championship events and award PokerStars trophies for the winners. Eighteen trophy events will be held in each state, with 24-karat gold-plated trophies up for grabs for the winners of main events. 

On top of that, PokerStars is also giving away six Platinum Passes. Platinum Passes are some of the most sought-after awards in the poker world. Platinum Passes award the player with a $30,000 travel and tournament package for PokerStars Players Championship (PSPC). The PSPC is held at the Baha Mar resort in the Bahamas and features a tournament against the world’s best PokerStars players. To have a chance to win, players need to focus on their leaderboard ranking. The top six players by the end of the USCOOP will receive the Platinum Pass. The Platinum Pass includes the following:

  • $25,000 buy-in for PSPC
  • $1,900 in travel expenses
  • airport transfers
  • six nights’ hotel accommodation for winner plus guest
  • exclusive access to winner events and experiences

Championship Event Schedule

Each state is hosting its own series of Championship events. The first championship event takes place on Saturday, September 10th. Below is a complete schedule of Championship events held during the tournament series:

DateTime (ET)State/Event #Tournament NameGuarantee Prize PoolBuy-in
Sep 106:00 PMMICOOP 06MI Open Championship$30,000$100
Sep 115:00 PMMICOOP 12Sunday Championship$70,000$100
Sep 117:00 PMMICOOP 14High Roller 6-Max Championship$40,000$500
Sep 127:00 PMMICOOP 18Progressive KO, Battle Royale Championship$35,000$250
Sep 137:00 PMMICOOP 22Bigstack Championship$37,500$200
Sep 148:00 PMMICOOP 27PLO Championship$20,000$250
Sep 157:00 PMMICOOP 29Progressive KO, Bigstack PKO Championship$30,000$200
Sep 168:00 PMMICOOP 344-Max Championship$25,000$200
Sep 185:00 PMMICOOP 41Sunday Special Championship$80,000$200
Sep 187:00 PMMICOOP 43Progressive KO, High Roller PKO Championship$45,000$500
Sep 198:00 PMMICOOP 47Freezeout Championship$17,500$200
Sep 207:00 PMMICOOP 51High Roller Super Tuesday Championship$45,000$500
Sep 217:00 PMMICOOP 55Storm Championship$35,000$250
Sep 227:00 PMMICOOP 58Progressive KO, Thursday Thrill Championship$35,000$250
Sep 238:30 PMMICOOP 62Progressive KO, Heads Up Championship, Zoom$12,000$100
Sep 258:00 PMMICOOP 71High Roller Championship$85,000$1,000
Sep 268:00 PMMICOOP 76Mixed Game Championship$15,000$200
Sep 107:00 PMPACOOP 06PA Open Championship$40,000$100
Sep 115:00 PMPACOOP 12Sunday Championship$100,000$100
Sep 117:00 PMPACOOP 14High-Roller 6-Max Championship$50,000$500
Sep 127:00 PMPACOOP 18Battle Royale Championship$40,000$250
Sep 137:00 PMPACOOP 22Bigstack Championship$50,000$200
Sep 148:00 PMPACOOP 27PLO Championship$20,000$250
Sep 157:00 PMPACOOP 29Bigstack PLO Championship$50,000$200
Sep 168:00 PMPACOOP 344-Max Championship$30,000$200
Sep 185:00 PMPACOOP 41Sunday Special Champiosnhip$100,000$200
Sep 187:00 PMPACOOP 43High Roller PKO Championship$80,000$1,000
Sep 198:00 PMPACOOP 47Freezeout Championship$20,000$200
Sep 207:00 PMPACOOP 51High Roller Super Tuesday Championship$50,000$500
Sep 217:00 PMPACOOP 55Storm Championship$40,000$250
Sep 227:00 PMPACOOP 58Thursday Thrill Championship$50,000$250
Sep 238:30 PMPACOOP 62Heads Up Championship$17,500$100
Sep 256:00 PMPACOOP 69Main Event Championship$225,000$300
Sep 257:00 PMPACOOP 70Mini Main Event Championship$35,000$50
Sep 258:00 PMPACOOP 71High Roller Championship$100,000$1,000
Sep 268:00 PMPACOOP 76Mixed Game Championship$20,000$200
Sep 106:00 PMNJCOOP 06NJ Open Championship$25,000$100
Sep 107:00 PMNJCOOP 07Storm Championship$20,000$250
Sep 107:00 PMNJCOOP 08Mini NJ Championship$7,500$25
Sep 115:00 PMNJCOOP 11Sunday Championship$45,000$250
Sep 117:00 PMNJCOOP 13High Roller PKO Championship$25,000$500
Sep 137:00 PMNJCOOP 19Super Tuesday Championship$35,000$250
Sep 148:00 PMNJCOOP 23High Roller 6-Max Championship$35,000$1,000
Sep 157:00 PMNJCOOP 25Progressive KO, Bigstack PKO Championship$25,000$200
Sep 167:30 PMNJCOOP 29PLO Championship$12,000$200
Sep 179:30 PMNJCOOP 346-Max Turbo Championship$10,000$100
Sep 185:00 PMNJCOOP 37Sunday Special Championship$50,000$300
Sep 197:00 PMNJCOOP 414-Max Championship$25,000$300
Sep 207:00 PMNJCOOP 43Bigstack Championship$32,500$200
Sep 227:00 PMNJCOOP 48Progressive KO, Thursday Thrill Championship$30,000$250
Sep 247:00 PMNJCOOP 51Progressive KO, 6-Max PKO CHampionship$20,000$200
Sep 268:00 PMNJCOOP 608-Game Championship$15,000$300

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